Boating Accessories – Electric Motors For Small Boats

Boating is a fun recreational activity that allows you to get away from the stresses of daily life. Boats are generally considered one of the more expensive types of recreational vehicles. Owning a boat or watercraft though doesn’t necessarily mean that you are an avid boater. Most people only use their watercraft a few times a year, if at all.

Regardless of how much you use your watercraft, it is important to maintain it properly. Boating is best enjoyed when the engine is operating efficiently and with minimal maintenance, especially for electric propulsion systems. With proper boating and motor maintenance, you will expect to have your boat lasting a long while and delivering many fond memories, whether you use it on lakes, streams or other bodies of water.

The more efficient your propulsion system is, the more energy you will save. This in turn means that you will be able to use less fuel and pollute less, which in turn means that you will be contributing to a cleaner environment. When you look at boating accessories, you will see that there are many contributing factors to fuel consumption. These factors include fuel economy, manufacturer designed engines and size of the vehicle, fuel type (jet fuel, gasoline, etc.)

One way to save money on boating accessories and maintenance is to shop for used and/or refurbished products. There is a lot that you can find in a used boat – including motors, batteries, wiring and electronics. Many times, boaters who own electric boats will sell their units because they no longer use them or don’t need the power they were using. Purchasing new with used motor components gives you the opportunity to save money while you are upgrading your motor or purchasing accessories.

Boating today is all about energy efficiency and saving on gasoline. For this reason, many boaters are replacing their outboards with electric motors as well as their fuel-efficiency in their boats. In addition to better boating performance, electric motors provide much lower emissions and greater fuel economy.

Electric pontoon boats can be equipped with electric motors and have all the comforts of home – including telephones, showers and running water. In addition to being a more comfortable option than gas, they also provide less pollution because they burn fewer fuels. Today’s batteries are much smaller and powerful, enabling many new models to run on just a single cigarette lighter charge. Most electric motors are still gas-powered, however, and some models are so small they can be stored in the boat’s engine room. Boating enthusiasts say the quietness of these newer models is worth the investment.

Many boaters, however, remain ambivalent about the purchase of electric motors for their small boats. They feel that the increased cost is not worth the trade off in convenience. Electric motors for small boats are not as powerful as gas ones, they cost more to install and maintain, and they do not have the same reliability as gas motors. Electric motors are still very popular for small boats. Electric motors are particularly popular for trolling motor applications. The benefit of the electric motors for trolling motor applications is that they offer excellent power, excellent trolling power and excellent ease of handling and operation.

Boating enthusiasts often cite range anxiety as one of the top reasons for choosing an electric propulsion system. Range anxiety refers to the fear that someone may not be able to fully enjoy boating due to the limited visibility and noise of smaller boats. For this reason, many boaters with small electric motors choose to replace their gasoline engines with power generators in order to eliminate the range anxiety. Power generators eliminate the range anxiety by allowing the user to enjoy boating despite poor visibility or noise.