Boat Accessories

Top Ten Accessories For Your Boat

If you are one of the many boaters who have gone to the extreme in terms of protection, then you know that having boat accessories such as boat covers, boat consoles, or fishfinders are necessary. There is a wide array of these products to choose from and they can add to or take away from the way you enjoy the boating life. A boater can choose from many different types of accessories, whether you want something basic or something for luxury. I would suggest focusing on one or two types of accessories at first, then branching out from there. Key Takeaways:

First Aid Kit – This is one of the boat accessories that can really make a big difference in the way you enjoy boating. Boat parts are great, but it’s the gear that offers the real help. Items like vhf radio earpieces, an emergency flotation device, a first aid kit and even pocket knives can make a big difference in the way you feel and the way you play out the day on the water. Some boats have basic tools in the form of pliers, wrenches and small scissors. Other designs have more complete first aid kits that include bandages, pain killers and disinfectant solutions.

Dry Box – If you’re looking for something more than your standard dry box for your boat storage area, then you should consider investing in a personal item. Personal items provide comfort, convenience and safety on the water while allowing you to keep your hands free for other duties. Some of the most popular personal items on the market include, cinch candy dispensers, dry boxes, and cell phone docks. The dry box has proven to be one of the most popular because it doesn’t get wet and it’s simple to use. All you have to do is empty the contents and pack away with the rest of your dry items.

Cooler – If you want to keep your beverages cold or at least well chilled, then one of the must-have accessories on your boat would be a cooler. While coolers come in many shapes and sizes, they all have one thing in common; they allow you to store more drink supplies for a longer period of time. A cooler can be used to hold ice, soda, beer and even wine bottles. Depending on how much cool stuff you need to store will determine the size and style of cooler that you will need. A small refrigerator-style cooler may be all you need or you may need a large marine-style cooler.

Boat Trailer Lights – It may not be immediately apparent that a trailer is needed, but it is necessary. The lights come in many different styles, colors and materials and can easily be installed with the assistance of a professional. There are multiple options for boat trailers including standard, rear, or just head lights. Each one is designed for a specific style of trailer, so it is important to choose the right one before you buy any after-market accessories. Other top ten boat accessories include auto shut-off valves, battery-powered or solar-powered trolling motors, power outrouts and power boat electronics such as automatic depth gauges.

Boat Accessories and Boating Accessories Life Jackets – One of the most important boating accessories that you can purchase is a life jacket. Boating equipment such as life jackets helps keep people safe around boaters especially those that have been known to experience deep sea diving incidents. Life jackets come in many styles, materials and configurations and should be purchased depending on the type of boating equipment that you own as well as your personal needs and budget. You may also want to invest in some boating accessories like extra batteries, lights, chargers and GPS navigation devices.

Dry Boxes – Another of the important boating accessories to buy for yourself and/or your family is a dry box. A dry box is similar to an inflatable boat and is used to store personal items that are not being used while boating. Some examples of dry boxes include fishing gear, toys, tools and even food. Boaters who use inflatable boats will need to purchase their own dry boxes to ensure that all personal items are kept dry and out of the way.

Boat Accessories & Boating Accessories – Last but certainly not least, when choosing the right accessories for your boat, it is best to consider the kind of boating equipment that you already own. If you are a new boat owner, then getting some of the basic equipment for safety and comfort such as life jackets, anchors and buoys might be a wise investment. However, if you are an experienced boater, then you can easily choose from the wide variety of accessories available in the market. For newbie boaters, getting a first aid kit is probably the best way to go as getting one can be an important and valuable safety and emergency preparedness tool.